Faith is embodied. It is not lived “up in the air” but “on the ground” with real people who seek to live responsively to the living God. Government Street Presbyterian Church welcomes your exploration of our life together as we seek to respond to God’s grace in Jesus Christ.  Whether you are a long-time Christian, just beginning your journey or seeking a beginning, we encourage you to learn more by getting involved in our common life. This page describes some ways to do that.  For more information about how you can participate in the ministries described, click on the contact listed.


 Join us Sunday mornings at 11:00am and for occasional service throughout the year.


Adult Education Classes
Meet Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30. No registration is required. Drop by.


Middle and High School Youth
 Classes meet Sunday mornings in the Guesnard House located on Jackson Street from 9:30-10:30.  The Presbyterian Youth Connection (PYC) meets Sunday evenings.  


Children’s Ministries
 Classes meet Sunday mornings at 300 Government Street. Enter by the Jackson Street entrance. Childcare is provided for newborns-toddlers by our trained caregivers.

 Weekly Bible Studies
 Small group studies for adults are held Monday-Friday.  Please see this site for listings. 


Urban Ministries
 Volunteers are regularly enlisted to support Meals on Wheels, Family Promise, and other ministries of our church. To learn more about how you can help, contact Lois McNorton


World Mission
 GSPC supports global efforts through the Presbyterian Church USA and offers a variety of opportunities for members and prospects to become involved in world mission.  


Music and Fine Arts
 Rehearsals for GSPC sponsored choirs are held on Wednesday evenings.  Choirs for children rehearse Sunday mornings at 9:30.  To learn more, contact our Director of  Music. 


 Members are received in one of three ways.  Those who have never been a member of a church join by Profession of Faith; and, if not previously baptized, are baptized on the Sunday they are received.  Those who were members of a church but through time or circumstance have not been active church members recently join by Reaffirmation of Faith.   Those who are currently active members of another church join by Transfer.   Classes for new members are offered throughout the year and may be attended before or after before joining.  Members are received throughout the year. For more information contact our Pastor.