The Lord’s Day    

        Worship at GSPC joyfully ascribes praise, honor and glory to the triune God. The order described below varies slightly on Sundays when the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper is celebrated. Communion is typically celebrated monthly. The Lord’s Day Service follows a pattern established by Christ’s birth, ministry, death, resurrection, presence, and hoped for return. Scripture readings, chosen from a lectionary widely used among churches, provide the narrative structure for each service. Services are guided by a four-fold pattern: Gathering, Proclaiming the Word, Thanksgiving and Sending.



        When the hour is sounded, worshippers are invited to pray silently the Prayer of the Day and to continue in meditation during the Prelude. Visitor and member information cards located in the pew rack are completed during this time.

         Using words of welcome and sentences of scripture, liturgists extend a Call to Worship at 11:00 a.m. The Processional Hymn follows. Processions include Mission and Ministry Presenters, carrying the cross, Scripture Readers chosen from our youth, carrying the Pulpit Bible from which lessons are read, the Preacher of the day; and, on Communion Sundays, servers selected from our elders and deacons. 

        Worshippers are called to confess their sins together using a unison prayer written for the day followed by moments of silence.  After the Declaration of Pardon worshippers sing an ascription of praise and thanksgiving for God's grace and mercy. 



        A Prayer of Illumination, a Reformed reminder of the Holy Spirit’s role in proclamation, is offered prior to the First Reading.

        After the First Reading, children ages 3-6 are invited forward to the baptismal font where a Lesson for Young Christians is given. Following the lesson children continue worship in the childcare area.

        The Second Reading, drawn from either the Old or New Testament, precedes The Sermon.

        Sermons proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, interpret Scripture and call all to faith and faithfulness.  Following sermons worshippers silently pray, reflect, and meditate briefly.



        Thanksgiving begins in song and continues with Affirmations of Faith drawn from historic Presbyterian creeds and confessions. Baptisms, professions of faith, services of commissioning and ordinations continue our response to the Good News.

        During Concerns of the Church visitors are welcomed, events in the life of the church are shared and pastoral care concerns are lifted up.

        Ministry and Mission presentations highlight the work of the church and provide opportunities for invitations to service.

        Intercessory prayer is offered for individual members, national and global issues and ministry and mission endeavors.  The Lord's Prayer is said in unison.  

        Music is essential in every service. Choirs, soloists and instrumentalists offer praise and prayers for and with the people of God at the time of the offering and throughout the service.  Music expresses classical, traditional and contemporary forms.

        Thanksgiving continues through the Offering by prayer and the giving of gifts to the work of Christ.



        The service concludes with the Charge and Blessing which lifts up God’s expectations for the day. The cross bearer precedes the congregation back into the world.